Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here's the Award list from the Waffle League. Pancake League to follow soon we hope! Thanks to all who made it another successful battle!

Waffle League Awards

1st Place (the Coveted 1933 Holliwood Waffle Iron)- the Howlin' Goats

2nd Place (a cool folk art painting of a Yankee soldier)- the People's Revolutionary Jug Band

People's Choice Award (a bedazzled PBR can [you know, a blue ribbon?])- Wayne McFarlane & the Fighting Black Irish of County Tyrone

Jug Slut (washtub bass plaque, just resurfaced this year!)- Dr. Dog: Tim Bradach (even though he only performed once, he was SUPPOSED to have performed three times, but two of his bands got stuck by the weather

Best Jug (a jar of Dr. Spitty's Miracle Elixir)- the double fisted jugger from Sasquatch Wristwatch

Best Washboard (TP tube torch)- The fella from We Know Haugh (not present)

Best Song (Paper-towel tube torch)- the Sliced Bread Jug Band with their original composition, a Marxist gospel tune, "You Better Get Right With the Lord"

Best Bribe (TP tube torch)- Sasquatch Wristwatch with: a bottle of sparkling pear juice; two different butter bean salads, one vegetarian, one with meat; a gift certificate to the Eagle's Nest play area for families; creamed honey; brandy-infused chocolates; cornbread

Most Unique Bribe (TP tube torch)- Alien Brain & the Jugular Vein, with cast-aluminum jug-shaped ashtrays engraved with the Alien Brain logo

The Kim Roe Baby on the Back Award (a sippy cup full of jewels)- the fiddler from Wayne's group

The "Helped Us Forget We Were Missing the Super Bowl" Award (crossed paper-towel roll torches)- The Jug Monkeys

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